VisuStella Modern City: Version 2 Released!

Hello, valued friends!

We're happy to announce that we have uploaded a new, free update to VisuStella Resource Pack: Modern City! 

Version 2 includes a huge update to the original tiles, featuring new colours and textures that will make them fit in better with the VisuStella Fantasy Tiles found in our Sample Project.

You will also find some new citizen characters as well as matching facesets, and Lucas! Lucas comes with a character sprite and beautiful full body portrait, and gives off some real "main character" vibes.

You will still be able to find the original Version 1 materials in the download too, so do not fear if you have a preference for the original style. :>

Thank you as always for your support, we look forward to bringing out more assets very soon.

Our love and thanks,


Oct 29, 2020

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