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Alstroemeria is an Otome Game where you must investigate the death of your elder twin sister by assuming her life. 

Currently the game features the following bachelors:

  • Red - A demon who desperately wants to be accepted among humans. He has very little tact and often has outbursts, before realizing and becoming embarrassed. He struggles to hide his true demon nature and is a bit like a bull in a china shop at the best of times, being brutish and crashing into things with his giant body.
  • Blue - His incredible brains make it hard for him to talk to others, and he frequently finds himself getting bored of talking to those of lesser intelligence. 
  • Yellow - An outspoken youth with seemingly no tact. He's confident, egotistical and full of shit.

As for the gameplay elements:

  • Select a class from a list of 3! Soldier, Mage or Medic.
  • Select a partner to investigate the murder of your elder twin sister and hopefully get close, either platonically or romantically.
  • Get a part time job and go on missions together. You still need money after all!
  • Be careful, death is around the corner. You and/or your partner may die at any moment. And it is often irreversible...

The game is made in Visual Novel Maker.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsDating Sim, JRPG

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Hi ! Years later, have you been able to do more on this ? Or is this possible if you abandoned the project to share it if someone would take over ?

Çünkü güzel görünüyor. Oyunu merak etmiştim. Başarılar dilerim.

Oyunu indiremiyor muyuz?

(1 edit)

Sorry you can't . I wrote as to why in a comment below.

Is this Game still in development? More than a year and not a single update. Was hoping for a good coverage of the game progress because of the Visual Novel Maker engine!

Hi darktoz, I haven't been able to work on it because I have been working on  multiple deadline heavy projects. And some personal reasons.

That's too bad. I hope you will find the time to finish it in the future, or at least enough to put out a game demo or something. Graphics and GUI on this one look neat!

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Thanks a lot dude! I had been slowly working back on it but I haven't really been posting. I'm excited to share new progress soon though even if the game doesn't look like the game right now. I actually lost all the work I had for this game except the graphics.