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Before you buy:

This does not mean we will provide you support on how to use Steam. That is completely different. It is your job as a developer to ensure that you can install Steam SDK properly to your project and know the basics of what is required to implement Steam SDK to your game. Before contacting me, please read this post first.

Purchasing the product does not mean we're obligated to install it into your game for you. Purchasing the product also does not mean we're obligated to teach you how to use it either on a person-to-person basis. We already provided all the details in the instruction manual/help file. It is your duty as YOUR GAME's developer to figure out how to use the tools that you bought.

What is it?

The plugin allows you to call certain Steam functions via plugin commands. Making it easy for teams with members who have no developer experience to just use plugin commands. 

Some things however require a "Callback" function, as they have to connect to steams servers to get information, or do things (e.g: unlocking achievements) these things may take some time, and therefore when using plugin commands that require a callback, you should apply a wait before executing more logic.

The plugin is a wrapper for Greenworks module, meaning that the functions used by the plugin commands are usable by developers in their own plugins. If you need a specific Steam SDK version, 1.42 is recommended. Steamworks is generally backwards compatible so any new versions should work. Make sure to get the proper greenworks version!

This plugin is licensed to you, the user under the terms that you credit VisuStella in your game (commercial or free). The terms also include you leaving all copyrights intact, you are however free to modify this file to add additional functionality or fix bugs. 

Steam Features:

  • Getting the User's Steam Name.
  • Getting the User's Steam ID.
  • Getting the User's Static Steam ID.
  • Getting the User's Steam Level.
  • Getting the Number of Players In-Game Now.
  • Check if User's Steam Overlay is enabled.
  • Opening Steam Overlay.
  • Opening Steam Overlay to a URL.
  • Unlocking an Achievement.
  • Getting the Number of Achievements in your game.
  • Removing/Clearing/Locking an Achievement.

RPG Maker Support Features:

  • Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
  • Class Notetags


Buy Now$100.00 USD or more

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