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Hello friends,

In the event it doesn't work for you guys, I uploaded a new version where greenworks is included. If you are having a problem, please contact me over my website and provide a proof purchase:


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Jan 10, 2020

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Works on Rpg Maker Mz?

Hey, question - I've set everything up I think correctly, but haven't uploaded to Steam yet so obviously the achievements aren't working when I call them, but I think they will once I do that.

However, I noticed that you have a flag in the plugin settings called "Steamworks Debug", what does this do? Should it display a debug message when I try to unlock an achievement, even in this situation?


A little explanation for "How to Install Steam SDK" guide:

1. Here's where you can find older Steamworks SDK version. Specifically ver. 1.42.

2. Download the file and inside it search for ONLY these 3 files:




3. Copy and paste them into your project's  js/libs folder.

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Hi, I'm a developer for the game Lost Legend on Steam. The plugin confirms it's working on the console, however whenever we try to unlock an achievement, it says "Achievement name is not valid" even though it matches the name exactly how we have it on our Steam partner page.

try going with a different command to unlock achievement.


I apologize in advance for possible mistakes, I don't speak English very well.

I bought your plugin Steamworks for RPG Maker MV. I have a question. I only use the command activateachievement. As a result, when testing my project in Incentive, I see achievement in the menu page. But achive are not visible on the page in the store and there is no separate achieve-menu.

Is this because my project hasn't been released yet, or did I do something wrong?

Do I need to use other commands for the plugin to work correctly?

 Unfortunately, this is my first project and I don't even have anyone to consult.


Did you  upload in steamworks?


Yes, I used the Steam SDK version, 1.42 as recommended. Just in case, I'll show you everything in the screenshots.

Sorry, I only have the Russian version RPG Maker and Steam. 

The game is already visible, but has not yet been released. There is no pre-order either.

You downloaded the new one right? And honestly I don't know how else to help you since we tested it and it works fine. Another user has a problem because they used the wrong greenworks/steam sdk.

I also meant if the game is uploaded with these tests in steamworks.

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