Modern City Released + Progress Roadmap!

Hello friends, 

Thank you for your patronage and following the development of Project Outbreak. We are happy to say that the second part of the series is now here!

Currently there is a 10% Discount and a bundle sale! The sale will be finished on April 1. If you are planning to purchase the set, now is your chance! 

What are we currently working on?

These are the future sets we're planning to make within the next few months!

High Priority

  • Character Generator with Faces.

As of right now, we're unsure if we want the faces to be pixel art. We're currently experimenting with styles and understanding how much development time this will cost us. As of the moment, we're creating a character generator that will make creating characters a lot easier for the user!

  • Hospital and Manor Tiles

We can't have a horror game without a Hospital and Manor. So our attention will be focused towards that as well.

  • Fantasy Characters and Tiles

We had a lot of requests for Fantasy Tiles. While we have certainly created a sizable amount since this is also our favorite genre, it still has to go through polishing and QA. Please look forward to it!

Low Priority

  • 32 x 32 Icons.

The reason for this is because there's a lot of icon packs out there right now. Free and Paid. So we want to focus on creating more usable and important assets first such as more tiles and characters. However, we might create a small amount of icons as updates for the pack to help get you started!

Thank you for following the development of the Project Outbreak series. We hope that you will support us in the future too!

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