Future Release Updates

Hello Friends ~

We apologize for the lack of updates for this pack series, but please rest assured that a lot of new updates are happening! 

Character Generator Software Preview

A lot of progress has been made for the Standalone Character Generator. Here's a work in progress screenshot to see how it goes. We're using RPG Maker MV assets as placeholder. Currently, the generator has multiple masks and supports any type of size. All the images are tied through JSON to avoid crazy filenames.

Character Generator Full Body Preview

We're also working on full body character parts.  Here is a preview of what it looks like right now. So far there are three body types: S, Muscular, XL, XXL.

New Tileset Pack Updates

Aside from that, we're working on more modern city interiors such as hospitals and such. Unfortunately, we have nothing to show yet because we're still in the drafting process.

Thank you for following our development! We hope that you have a nice day!

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Hello, I've using this tileset to get some really nice results ^^ I wanted to ask if there were any plans to have more visustella plugins and resources on steam? It would be much easier (for me and others outside the US) to buy from there if the option was available...

Hello, we have no plans to release VisuStella plugins on steam. But we might release tilesets.