Luna Engine 1.1.4 Update

Hello friends,

Luna Engine is updated to Version 1.1.4!

✼ Changes:

  • Sideview Sample Project is now updated to include a passive state display. As of the moment, if the player has other states, it will hide the passive state temporarily until all states disappeared. This is a workaround if you plan to use lunatic with the status display. This will not be a problem if you use addition mode to supplement an existing UI.
  • Luna Engine script files are updated on all Sample Projects.
  • Plugin Manager is updated for Sideview Project. A script was accidentally turned off that broke the config settings.

✼ Bug Fixes:

  • RPG_*.js files are properly updated to fix the Name Input Bug. It had an older version of the core files.
  • LunaEngine.js is updated to fix NumberInput Display

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Oct 17, 2019 171 MB
Oct 17, 2019

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