Luna Engine Version Update + Roadmap

Hello friends~

I added a new download called which only contains the plugin files and not the projects. That way if you need some of the fixes we have, you can download it without worrying about file sizes!

✼ Changes:

  • Luna Engine MV no longer has dependency on Yanfly Core Engine. This is for users that can't use Yanfly scripts.
  • LunaSnippets has been updated for Yanfly Battle Engine users.

✼ September Roadmap:

  • Update the Sideview Project Template to support Mouse input. Currently, the menu commands are only keyboard compatible.
  • Update the Sideview Project with a sample of State Turn Counter. This is for Yanfly Battle Engine Core users.

✼ October~November Roadmap:

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Sep 09, 2019

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Luna Engine isn't designed to do that. You can try and bind it to a variable and set it there but there should be info about that in documentation. If I recall correctly, the sample project uses variables to display some information.

Is there a limited version of this that we can try before we buy? So that we know what it's like before we purchase it?

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There isn't. Luna Engine is very complex that we can't make a demo version. However, you can check the documentation for the basic workflow and see if it's something you'd like to get into. Luna Engine is more comparable to CSS.

Thanks for the reply! Are there refunds if it doesn't fit our needs? I understand if not, since refunds on digital products are rare, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Sorry, I am unsure if itch provides refunds ;;;

"Update the Sideview Project with a sample of State Turn Counter. This is for Yanfly Battle Engine Core users." Will that also mean, that the custom State Counters from, the buffs & states core, be possible to display with Luna?

I've been struggling to find a way to make them work, would be amazing if it does.

Yes we're working on an example for it :)

Awesome news, thanks for the work you are doing, to help show how to use this amazing tool fully.

Also for a future example, I don't know if its possible or not, but if it was. Showing how to use the, state counters info, for like gauges and text etc, then you would be able to create those, into custom gauges for all kinds of things. But like I said idk if that is possible, just a bonus idea.