Luna Engine 1.1.5 Update

Hello friends🌻

Luna Engine is updated to Version 1.1.5! We'd like to thank you all, especially Verinius, for making us aware of bugs immediately! 

✼ Changes:

  • Sample Project YAML files are updated. Please make sure to compare them with your version to avoid the bugs that will be listed below.
  • Documentation Update: added missing animation events
  • Documentation Update: added examples about condition read direction and about the condition read direct.
  • Documentation Update: added extra information about party member ID for image calls 
  • Documentation Update: added more FAQ

✼ Bug Fixes:

  • Scene Shop YAML Fix: If you have 1 party member and hover to an item that is compatible with a non-existent party member, it will cause the game to crash.
  • Scene Shop Fix: The stats are not displaying properly on edge cases.

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Aug 27, 2020

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